Keeping Your Dog Contained

13 March 2015
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If you have just moved into a new home, you may not yet having fencing in place to keep your dog from running away. This should be taken care of very quickly so you do not cause injury to your pet or to neighbors. Here are some ideas you can use as temporary fencing until you can get a contractor to place something permanent.

Pool Fencing

Many people will try using mesh fencing as a temporary containment idea. This type of fence can be installed easily by placing posts into the ground and hanging the mesh material on small hooks. It is easy to move if you need to make changes in the shape or location. It is also a great choice because you will be able to keep an eye on your dog from the outside of the fence. This is usually used for small to medium dogs. Make sure the holes are not too large in order to avoid a paw or jaw getting trapped.

Invisible Fencing

Electronic invisible fencing is a great alternative to a physical fence. These can be bought at a pet store and work very well at keeping your dog in a designated area. Radioactive pieces are placed in the ground along a perimeter that you specify. Your dog would wear a collar that is activated when it gets to close to these pieces. This in turn would give your dog a small jolt or electric shock.

This jolt will not hurt your dog, but it will startle it. In time, your dog will want to avoid the shock and will stay in the area where it knows it will not be near the perimeter. After you put in a regular fence, your dog will still be conditioned to stay within the set boundaries of the invisible fencing, helping you train the dog to stay away from the sides of your new fence.

Metal Or Plastic Fencing

There are many temporary fencing kits available at a home goods or hardware store. These are easy to assemble and install, and have a pleasing look once they are set up properly. These are best used for smaller dogs, as they might be pushed down easily by a larger breed. Picket fencing can be found in an array of colors and sizes. Metal fencing is a bit stronger than plastic, and will do the job you need while waiting for a permanent solution. Talk to a professional like Family Fence Company for more information.