Keep Your Dog and Fence Safe By Being Proactive in Pet-Proof Fencing

16 March 2015
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While iron fencing can provide privacy and add to the aesthetics of your yard, you'll want to put in some extra work to ensure that your dog is kept safe when outdoors. Fencing that isn't properly maintained will need replacement sooner, especially when you consider the trouble your dog can get into. By making some preparations with your dog in mind, you can also reduce the chance of the fencing becoming damaged due to wear from your dog.

Pour Gravel Underneath the Fence

If your dog is a digger, it's important to realize that your dog may attempt to crawl underneath the fencing by digging out a small hole and using it to escape. Even if you leave your dog unsupervised for only thirty minutes, they may be able to escape unless you take some preventive measures. Pouring gravel underneath the fence line can help add a study base under the fence and reduce the chance of your dog digging underneath.

Reduce Jumping Using Coyote Rollers

While homeowners live an in area without coyotes likely aren't familiar with these contraptions, coyote rollers can be a very efficient way to stop your dog from jumping over the fence. Coyote rollers spin when pressure is put on the top of the fence, preventing your dog from getting a grip and jumping over.

Prevent Dog Urine from Becoming an Issue

If your dog likes to mark the perimeter of your yard or is relieving themselves near the fence, it's likely that the moisture will lead to rusting over time. An easy way to reduce the amount your dog is relieving themselves near the fence is by providing them with a separate bathroom area that includes gravel, helping to prevent rust to the iron fencing.

Reapply Primer to Reduce Wear

Scratches and other wear can quickly show up on the iron fencing if you're not careful. Luckily, this can be reduced by simply applying primer to the fence periodically.

Use Landscaping to Your Advantage

To keep your dog away from the perimeter of the fencing, consider using landscaping creatively. This means planting thick bushes and trees around your yard to create a blockade from the fencing.

As you look into your options for pet-proofing your fence, you'll find that you can easily care for your fence and keep your dog safe at the same time. By tackling these projects when getting the fencing installed initially, you can avoid any unfortunate accidents with your dog and reduce wear to the iron fence