Chain Link Fencing: Choosing The Right One For Your Home

18 March 2015
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Chain link fencing is a great option for many reasons. It is easy to install and generally more affordable than other materials. However, you do need to figure out which type of chain link fencing is the right option for your home.


Your first option is traditional chain link that uses galvanized steel. The galvanized coating helps protect the fencing from corrosion and rust.

Traditional chain link is a shade of grey or it looks silver. Each manufacturer uses their own methods for building the fencing materials, which is why some products are darker or lighter in color.

The average height for chain link fencing is around 4 feet. You can extend this using longer posts and larger panels of chain link. Before you install this type of fencing, you do want to consider the overall height. It is challenging to change the height of the fence after the concrete that holds the posts in place cures.

Vinyl Coated

Your other option for chain link is to choose one that has a different exterior coating. These products still use galvanized steel for the base of the metal links, except they have a vinyl coating that covers the steel.

Most of these products come in white, green or black. Using this product allows you to add some color to your fencing and you get to customize it at the same time.

If you have children, then vinyl-coated chain link fencing is a good choice. The exterior coating covers the raw edges of the fencing, which can prevent your children from cutting themselves if they decide to climb on the fencing. Many parks and schools use this type of fencing for this exact reason.

Lace Chain Link

When you want a more decorative fencing option, it does not mean you have to choose a different material. A few manufacturers make lace chain link that have decorative designs worked into panels.

The metal is twisted together to create designs such as flowers, birds, leaves and butterflies to name just a few. The overall look resembles large panels of metal lace. You can also choose to custom order specific shapes or patterns, though this will bring up the price for this type of fencing.

Before you install a chain link fence, you need to know about your available options. It is best to consult a fencing company, so they can help you understand the prices and work involved with each product. Once you have this information, it will become easier to choose the right chain link fencing for your home.