Chain Link Fencing Posts: What You Need To Know

18 March 2015
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So you're looking to install a chain link fence on your property as a means of adding privacy and security. Right now you're in the planning stages--trying to figure out what materials you'll need and how much to buy. While chain link fencing materials may seem straight-forward enough, there are actually many different components to consider when it comes to installing a chain link fence on your property. By taking these different kinds of fence posts into consideration, you'll be well on your way planning out your new fence.

Corner Posts

It's important to determine how many corner posts you'll need when planning out your chain link fence. Basically, you'll need a corner post any time your fence changes direction. Often times, determining the number of corner posts you're going to need is as easy as considering the shape of your fence. For instance, if your fence will be perfectly square or rectangular, four corner posts should do the trick.

Line Posts

One of the most important calculations you'll need to make is that of determining how many line posts are required for your project. Generally, you'll need line posts to support your fence every 10 to 15 feet, depending on how sturdy you need your fence to be. These posts will keep your fence continuing in the same direction.

Gate Posts

If you plan on incorporating gates into your fence design, you'll also need two gate posts for every gate you plan on using. Therefore, if you were planning on installing two gates, you'll need four gate posts. These must be used on either side of any chain link fencing gate.

End Posts

Finally, you'll need posts at the starting and end points of your fence. Most often, end posts are placed up against your house (especially for a fence that surrounds a home's backyard). In most cases, two end posts (one for either side of the house) will suffice. However, if one of your gates will be located up against your house, you may be able to avoid needing to buy another end post by simply using one of the gate posts in the same manner.

As you can see, there are many different types of posts that you may need to use in your chain link fencing project. You should be able to pick up these materials at your local home improvement store or by contacting a fencing professional, such as Elrod Fence Co, in your area.