What Must You Do Before Installing Your Fence?

19 June 2015
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Getting a new fence around your property may seem like a simple process. However, if you want to avoid problems, it is necessary to complete a few actions. Here are some things to make sure you do before you have your fence installed.

Talk to the Zoning Office

The first thing you need to do once you've decided you want a fence on your property is to go to the zoning office. The zoning office will be able to tell you what requirements you must meet for a new fence in your zone. Many people skip this step, only to discover that their new fence is too high or too close to the street, and they end up having to pay a lot of fines for ordinance violations. Avoid those fines by making sure you check with your local zoning office before the fence is even installed.

Check Your Deed

It is wise that you also take a look at your deed to ensure that the perimeter of the fence will be on land that you actually own. This can help you avoid problems with your neighbors, who may dispute where the property line is.

Notify Your Neighbors

After checking your deed to make sure that your fence will be on your property,  talk to your neighbors about the fence you plan to build. This is especially important if your neighbors have dogs that may sniff and scratch at your new fence. Talk to them about ways to make your new fence work for both of you. Also, remember to notify your neighbor about when the fencing contractor will arrive, so they can to keep their dog in and prepare for some noise.

Check with Utility Companies

Another thing you have to do before the fence is installed is to call up your utility companies to ensure that there are no underground lines that may be hit by those trying to put your new fence in. If that happens, not only might you disrupt utility service to your own home, but other homes in the neighborhood. Typically, utility companies will send someone out to go in your yard and mark where the utility lines are, so that they can be avoided.

Using the tips in this article will help you avoid problems that could arise when you try to have a fence installed. Talk to a local fencing contractor, like Sarasota Fence Inc, to find out if there are more actions you need to take to have your fence installed without issue.