Advantages Of A Vinyl Fence Over Other Fence Materials

12 August 2015
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Choosing a fencing material will have an important impact on your home. Cedar is a popular fencing choice, but when you use cedar, you commit yourself to the need to maintain your fence down the road. A chain-link fence is a good choice if you are trying to keep your maintenance costs down, but a chain-link fence won't offer much in the way of privacy. If you want privacy, good looks, and low maintenance, then a vinyl fence should be your first choice. 


Choosing a fencing material that complements the look of your home will help increase your curb appeal. The standard chain-link fence looks more at home in an industrial park than in a residential neighborhood. While wood is great if you are trying to create a rustic or green look for your home, an improperly maintained wooden fence will just make your home look run down. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors, so you should be able to find a color that complements the colors you use in your home. Furthermore, you can find textured vinyl that mimics the look of wood, so if you want the look of real wood grain without the high maintenance costs, then vinyl is a good choice. 


A chain-link fence might be the best choice for keeping your maintenance costs low in that you really don't have to do anything other than keep plants away from your fence (and that's only if you want to). A vinyl fence is a good second choice. The only maintenance a vinyl fence requires is an occasional washing. Because the color of your fence continues through the vinyl, you don't have to worry about repainting or staining your fence in order to keep it looking nice. Furthermore, vinyl will never corrode, it is impervious to insect damage, and will hold up well to the elements. 


Even if you add slats to a chain-link fence, you will not get much in the way of privacy. Both vinyl and cedar make good privacy fences, but because of the advantages of vinyl described above, it is the better choice. 

Vinyl is an excellent all-around material. For homeowners who can't or don't want to take on a lot of maintenance tasks, vinyl is the right choice. While chain link is also a low-maintenance material, vinyl has superior looks and will provide a level of privacy that chain link never will. When you are shopping for fencing materials, make sure you at the very least consider using vinyl fencing for your home. Contact a company that specializes in vinyl fence supplies for more information.