What To Look For When Deciding On New Residential Window Guards

21 October 2015
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Whether you want to protect your children from accidentally falling or if you want to elevate the security of your home with window guards, finding the right ones for your home takes some consideration. Window guards can be a beautiful and lasting investment that will provide your home and family years of protection. So when you're ready to invest, you should know what to look for before you make a selection.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you're trying to find the right window guards for your home, considering the aesthetic they can bring to your residential facade is important. Window guards should be manufactured from metal, with iron offering the most longevity and beauty for your money, though aluminum may be more cost effective for covering large areas or multiple units.

Both wrought iron and aluminum window guards can be matched to an existing color scheme or one that is reflected in your fence, and you can also choose to incorporate decorative inlays that will add curb appeal to your home. Depending on the look you're going for and the location of your window, you can add a simple guard that blends with your window framing or choose to make the guard stand out with an eye-catching design. Even if you don't opt for an inlay, repetitive designs can give your exterior an interesting update.

A Tight Fit

For theft and burglary deterrence, as well as protection for children, having window guards that fit properly is key to giving you the protection you need. Window guards are available in both standard and custom sizes, so you should never opt to add a guard that doesn't properly serve its purpose. When you hire a fence contractor or order from a wholesale fence supply, make sure you're getting a window guard that fits the exact measurements of your window framing. Most windows can easily be fit with window guards, with the exception of casement windows, which can't be protected with a window guard due to damages that would occur with operation.

Safety Precautions  

Some window guards offer quick release options that can help you avoid entrapment in the event of a fire. Quick release buttons that can be operated from the interior offer you the easiest and fastest option for opening your guards, though sliding and swinging bars can also afford you a fast exit. For smaller windows or ones that don't open, permanent guards can do the trick, but if you have operable windows that can provide you an exit in an emergency, consider buying window guards that come with safety precautions.