Residential Vinyl Fencing Is An Attractive Alternative To Classic Fencing

10 December 2015
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An attractive fence can really enhance the look of a home and yard. A vinyl fence can be a smart choice for a good-looking residential fence. Vinyl fencing is elegant, affordable, low maintenance, and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Made from a corrugated structure, vinyl fencing is dimensionally stable, fade-resistant, and can completely mimic wood and iron metal fencing.

Vinyl fencing comes in standard fence sizes of 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, and other custom sizes upon request. Standard vinyl fencing colors include tan, sandstone, cedar wood grain, weathered gray wood grain, cream, white, honey, redwood, dark brown, forest green, dark maroon, mint green, black, and galvanized steel. Here are some of the styles and finishes of vinyl fencing: 

  • Wood-Grain Vinyl Fencing - This vinyl fencing looks identical to natural wood fencing with a surface texture that includes, knots, growth rings, and a variation of colors. Wood-grain vinyl comes in styles that resemble wood planks, woven wood slats, picket fences, lattice fences and many others. These vinyl fences can also look like painted wood fences in one, two or three different colors. 
  • Iron Metal Vinyl Fencing - This vinyl fencing duplicates the look of gray or black iron tubing with spiked post caps and fitted cross bars. Iron metal vinyl comes in the same styles as classic iron fences with thin uprights with spiked caps to horizontal, flat planks that look like residential home siding. Colors can vary in this style but are most effective in gray or black. 
  • Granite Block Vinyl Fencing - This vinyl fencing looks like granite blocks that are cut, stacked, and fitted together to form a thick fence with a cap railing. Granite block vinyl fencing looks great with a wood vinyl or metal vinyl fence top. 
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing - This vinyl fencing features a vinyl coating on a metal chain link fence for a stylish look that preserves the chain link from rust, dirt and pitting. This fencing is long lasting and completely compatible with all plants and trees that grow near it. 

Vinyl fences can be made in the same configurations as wood or iron fences. Vinyl fencing can be used to make gates, archways, arbors, and privacy fences to hide trash receptacles, propane gas tanks, and equipment sheds. Vinyl fences can also be used to make fully-functional gates, arbors, and pergolas. To add to its versatility, vinyl fencing can have decorative railings and railing caps that mimic classic fences. If desired, vinyl fencing caps can also include yard lights.