Classic, Fun Or Modern -- 5 Different Ways To Love A Picket Fence

9 May 2016
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If you're looking for a decorative fence for your front yard, there are few choices more classic than the traditional white picket fence. This staple of Americana thrives today thanks to the fact that homeowners have even more options for dressing it up and making it easy to maintain. Here are 5 picket fence ideas for any budget.  

  1. Opt for Vinyl. Modern technology has enabled picket fence owners to enjoy a whiter fence with less maintenance. Because picket fences have a lot of detail, they can be hard to repaint. Vinyl removes the traditional need to repaint wood fences every few years. So, while a vinyl fence may cost more as an initial investment, it offers easier and cheaper upkeep throughout its life. Pair a vinyl fence with professional installation and you have a fence that you will have to put very little work into. 
  2. Add a Charming Gate. Because of its inherent charm, a white picket fence goes well with other fence architecture and detailing. A matching white arbor creates a beautiful entrance gate that can be sown with green vines or flowers like clematis or roses. Or add a simple arch over the entrance gate for a less expensive alternative that enhances without blocking views. 
  3. Go Chic. Picket fences don't necessarily have to be white. With the right garden style, other colors or materials can be a great variation on the classic picket fence look. A bohemian, casual yard with informal flower beds can pair nicely with a vintage, sanded fence. If you want to give your curb appeal a wow factor, try painting the pickets one or more bright colors. 
  4. Create an Entrance. If you don't want a full fence in your front yard or don't have the budget for one, get the best of both worlds with using the picket fence as an entrance for your driveway. Use a section of fencing on either side of the driveway at an angle from the curb to welcome visitors to your home. Complement the white fence with planted flowers -- perhaps bright bulbs like tulip or iris -- and some brick to add contrast. 
  5. Add Art. Dress up a plain picket fence cheaply by adding some decorative art. This can include seasonal holiday decorations or year-round garden art hung or planted along the fence line. Make it funky by carving designs into the tops of the fence. Or paint some bold butterflies or large flowers onto the pickets themselves. Use it as an opportunity to express your personality. 

No matter what you choose to do with your picket fence, you can find the right style for your home and your family.