4 Types Of Durable Fencing To Consider

19 March 2018
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Looking to add a fence to your yard that is durable? If so, you may be wondering which fencing option will be the best choice for your home. Start by narrowing down your selection to these 4 different materials, and after learning more about them, pick the one that will end up being the best fit.

Tropical Lumber

For those that love the look of natural wood, know that tropical lumber can be one of the best options to go with. By selecting a wood that is native to rain forests, they will already have a natural resistance to insects and decay. These tough woods, such as Brazilian cherry, will last much longer than a standard wood fence.

Composite Lumber

If you love the style of wood fencing, but don't want to pay for tropical lumber, then composite lumber can be the solution for your home. This fencing material is made in several styles, and can resemble the look of using natural wood. Composite wood also lasts longer than cedar or treated pine, making it a fine choice that won't break down prematurely. However, this cheaper composite material can still degrade, and will require repairs over time.


A vinyl fence can be a very affordable fencing material that is also durable. The material does not have a tough installation, and is manufactured in many colors. You'll be sure to find a color that will blend in well with your existing yard. Vinyl is also low-maintenance, so is best for homeowners that do not want to have an annual project to do each year to take care of the fence.

However, vinyl is more likely to become damaged, even though it is a more durable fencing material. Any situations where the fence has a chance of becoming damaged or struck should not use vinyl. Consider an alternative material, such as aluminum, which can withstand impacts much better.


Aluminum fencing is a material that can last for many years. It is slightly more expensive than competing fencing materials, but can last a long time. Homeowner pick vinyl when they want a fence to resemble the look of actual iron, but do not want to pay for the material. Aluminum also has much better durability than wood or vinyl.

For more information durable fencing materials, work with a local fencing contractor, such as Carter Fence Co. They can provide you price estimates for what it will cost to have each material installed.