3 Ways To Make Your Deck Non-Slip

28 October 2018
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A slippery deck is hard to enjoy, but more importantly, it's a serious safety hazard. For many homeowners, the problems with slipping arise during the colder months of the year. However, there are measures you can take to make your deck an anti-slip surface so that your family can enjoy time outside, safely, all year long.

1. Apply a Non-Slip Coating

A non-slip surface coating can go a long way toward improving the safety and enjoyment of your deck. The coating is made up of a variety of different chemicals, such as acrylic. The solution is applied just like the sealant that you had installed over the wood when the deck was originally installed. 

Once set, the non-slip coating adds a textured layer over the deck. In periods when the surface might otherwise be slippery, the texture provides grip for your shoes, that increases traction and reduces your risk of slipping. As previously mentioned, the coating solutions are available in different blends. You need to ensure that the type of solution you choose is safe for the type of wood you have. 

2. Install Safety Strips

If you have steps or a ramp installed, it's a good idea to install safety strips. Safety strips are basically texture cutouts that you can secure to the deck surface. As you walk up or down the surface, the strips provide a place for you to safely plant your feet. 

Typically, the strips will come in a roll form, that you can cut to fit the size of your steps or ramp. To install the safety strips, you only need to use an adhesive. However, you need to ensure that the surface is dry and clean before you apply the adhesive for it to secure the material properly. 

3. Clean Often

One easy thing you can do to keep your deck safer is to clean the surface regularly. First, periodically remove leaves and other buildups. These materials make it harder for your shoes to grip the surface, even if you have applied a non-slip coating.

Second, leaves and other organic matter can trip moisture. When the moisture gets trapped on top of the wood, it can cause mold and moss to grow. Both of these surfaces can make your deck slippery and can even cause long-term damage to the wood. 

Take action to make your deck safer. Contact a decking professional, such as from Rainier Fencing & Decking, for assistance with this goal.