Green Fences And Summer Droughts: 4 Tips To Maintain Coverings For Privacy Fencing

25 January 2019
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Keeping your fencing in good shape with regular maintenance will ensure it lasts and needs few repairs. If you have green coverings for privacy fencing, plants need to be cared for during the dry summer heat. In addition, other fence coverings may need a little maintenance to prevent wear and damage to fencing. Here are some summer fence maintenance tips to care for the green privacy coverings on fences:

1. Trimming Green Fence Covering and Vegetation in The Spring Months

The vegetation along fence lines can cause damage to fencing and be vulnerable during hot weather if it is not trimmed. During the early spring months, you will want to cut any excess growth off the fence and prune plants that need to be trimmed. This will help prevent damage to your fence and ensure green privacy coverings are full of lush green vegetation when you want your landscaping to have more privacy.

2. Preparing Soil to Provide Nutrients and Water to Vegetation in Hot Weather

Over the course of a year, the plants that provide vegetation that covers fencing use up the nutrients and moisture in the soil. Before the hot summer weather, you may want to add treatments to soils and plants. Fertilize the plants and add fresh soil around roots to promote healthy growth during the summer months.

3. Improve Fence Line Appearance and Reduce Evaporation with A Good Ground Cover

During the summer months, the heat from the sun can cause the moisture in soil to evaporate. Use a ground covering at your fence line to help retain moisture in the soil and make your fencing more attractive. Organic materials like tree bark are a great choice for this type of ground covering and create a good contrasting look for your fence.

4. Watering and Trimming Vegetation Fence Coverings During Summer Droughts

During the summer months, vegetation that covers fencing will begin to overgrow the fence and will need to be trimmed. To ensure that your fence stays green and covered with vegetation, only trim a small amount of new growth and leave some of the foliage that has grown. In addition, make sure that plants along the fence line get plenty of water by watering them in the early morning hours.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance of green covering for fences. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to your fence, contact a fencing service, like the one represented at, for help keeping your fence looking great through hot summer droughts.