3 Ways To Make Your Deck Non-Slip

28 October 2018
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A slippery deck is hard to enjoy, but more importantly, it's a serious safety hazard. For many homeowners, the problems with slipping arise during the colder months of the year. However, there are measures you can take to make your deck an anti-slip surface so that your family can enjoy time outside, safely, all year long. 1. Apply a Non-Slip Coating A non-slip surface coating can go a long way toward improving the safety and enjoyment of your deck. Read More 

3 Best Fence Types To Enclose A Front Yard

24 August 2018
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Thinking of fencing in your front yard? When it comes to fences, it's usually backyards that get the most attention. In many neighborhoods, it's conventional for the backyard to be a place of privacy and the front yard to be more open and welcoming. However, there are often great reasons to fence in the front yard too. Perhaps you need to keep small children or pets on your property. Maybe you have high pedestrian traffic and want to create a barrier between your yard and the sidewalk. Read More 

Solid Walls Vs. Fences

29 May 2018
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When it comes to adding a perimeter fence to your yard, you need to decide if you want a solid brick and mortar wall, or a post mounted fence. There are obviously clear advantages to both. This article discusses the main differences between installing a solid wall and a fence. The Cost First of all, most people imagine that the installation of a wall is going to be far more difficult and expensive than that of a fence. Read More 

4 Types Of Durable Fencing To Consider

19 March 2018
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Looking to add a fence to your yard that is durable? If so, you may be wondering which fencing option will be the best choice for your home. Start by narrowing down your selection to these 4 different materials, and after learning more about them, pick the one that will end up being the best fit. Tropical Lumber For those that love the look of natural wood, know that tropical lumber can be one of the best options to go with. Read More