Solid Walls Vs. Fences

29 May 2018
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When it comes to adding a perimeter fence to your yard, you need to decide if you want a solid brick and mortar wall, or a post mounted fence. There are obviously clear advantages to both. This article discusses the main differences between installing a solid wall and a fence. The Cost First of all, most people imagine that the installation of a wall is going to be far more difficult and expensive than that of a fence. Read More 

4 Types Of Durable Fencing To Consider

19 March 2018
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Looking to add a fence to your yard that is durable? If so, you may be wondering which fencing option will be the best choice for your home. Start by narrowing down your selection to these 4 different materials, and after learning more about them, pick the one that will end up being the best fit. Tropical Lumber For those that love the look of natural wood, know that tropical lumber can be one of the best options to go with. Read More 

Why Vinyl Is Great For Residential Fencing

28 October 2016
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Adding a fence to your backyard is not only a great way to make it more private, but it also makes the space safer for children and pets. Most homeowners want a fence style that matches with the exterior of their home. However, this does not necessarily mean you need the same material. If the exterior of your home is mainly wooden, you don't necessarily need to install a wood fence. Read More 

Getting A Fence? Know These Legal Aspects You Should Be Concerned About

16 September 2016
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Did you just get a dog and need to keep them contained to your yard? Are you tired of people walking through your property and trespassing? It may be time to get a fence. Before you do so, it's important that you know laws regarding your fencing so that you do not cause problems. Spite Fences Are Against The Law When you put up your fence, you need to have a valid reason for it to be constructed in some situations. Read More 

Live In An Area With Woodpeckers? 3 Tips To Avoid Damage When Installing A Wooden Fence

2 June 2016
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Woodpeckers might be an exciting bird to spot when you are birdwatching, but they can also do a considerable amount of damage to a home. Just about everything that contains wood outside is at potential risk, especially wooden siding, sheds, fences, and trees. When you want to build a wooden fence, you should not change your decision on wood because you have woodpeckers in the area. They may give you trouble if you do nothing to deter them, but you can invest in a few measures to protect your fence. Read More